KAREN FERRY-FERNANDEZ aka RaketChick has work experience spanning decades of Corporate Advertising and Creative Indiepreneurship under her belt. Her wild ride as a Consultant for ad agencies, production houses, and her own slew of local and international clients led her on a mission to champion independent creative professionals in this hyper-challenging gig economy.

She is the creator of RaketChick, an icon for freelancing badassery.

She is the author of WHATDA! ANONG PETSA NA?!: A Freelancer’s Sanity and Survival Planner, and 7 STAGES OF… GOOD GRIEF! FREELANCER NA ‘KO: A Mustering the Nerve to Move On Travel Guide.

And, she is an empowering Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator on Creativity, Productivity, and Leadership for indies, corporations, and universities.


“Dig deep into yourself. I do not believe that it’s all that you can do, your career is all that you can do. Look at the challenge as an opportunity. It is valid to be sad, it is valid to be lonely, it is valid to be angry. But don’t let it consume you.”


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