Nicole Ablan is an ambassador of all things beautiful. She is passionate and purpose-driven. When challenged, she rises to the occasion. She is a known risk-taker and humanitarian at heart. She is also a self-professed makeup addict. She loves to travel and hang out with friends. She lives by the quote “Fall down seven times. Get back up eight times.” She always has a positive mindset. 


In this episode, Nicole Ablan shares her She-E-O’s journey and strategy towards gaining an army of resellers in her beauty business. Having a positive mindset helps her fulfil her goal to share beauty, rebuild the confidence of our fellow Filipinos, and give them financial freedom. She highlighted the importance of mentorship strategy in making her business thrive and scale.


“For women who are just starting, grab the opportunity, take the risk, and never doubt. If it fails, get up and try again. That is how life works. For women who want to give up and feel weakened, don’t be. That is what will destroy your dreams. Just keep pushing and keep stretching your patience. And strengthens your courage. Try to relax and meditate on new ideas, and take a breather so that you won’t get drained. And for women who want to strengthen and scale their business, communicate with your distributor. Get ideas and search. There are many things to learn online, like from listening to podcasts and from watching inspirational talks. Just stay focused because when you lose it, everything crumbles. Keep the passion and drive, and be dedicated to what you are doing.”

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