Ginger is the CEO of Manila Workshops, an events company that focuses on creating learning events and content for aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. She is also the COO of Taxumo, a tech company with a system that automates the computation, filing and payment of taxes of self-employed individuals, professionals and freelancers. She is the blogger behind All of her businesses revolve around the mission of helping entrepreneurs start their own businesses and help them sustain it. She has also been a speaker in various events, where she talks about entrepreneurship, women empowerment, marketing, social media, and even mommyhood!

Mommy Ginger, the technopreneur Mom, shares her experiences, insights, and lessons in building and scaling a business. She highlighted that self-awareness is a key in starting a business. We have to know what is something that can still be done, what we can push ourselves at, and what is something that won’t really work. By being aware of what our capabilities are and by surpassing the things that society sets, then we become successful. We must not also doubt ourselves and we need to be patient because business takes time. So take it slowly because it is not a race. Life is short so we need to enjoy every minute of it.

Mommy Ginger has learned to explore and experiment in both motherhood and business. In doing so, she got to discover herself, her purpose, and her why. Mommy Ginger shared that her purpose is to help aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers.

She also underscored the importance of doing customer validation and building the right team. They were clear on cascading their company’s vision and values. She advice women to continuously learn new things, to enjoy life and the journey, and to always know their priorities.


“For people who want to build teams and businesses, take time to look for the right people. It is a failure if you have the wrong people.” 

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