14 Passion-Driven Businesses by Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

14 Passion-Driven Businesses by Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

14 Passion-Driven Businesses you can get inspiration from!
Self-made and strong, are the values of highly successful women entrepreneurs nowadays.

Yes, many women are already leaving a mark in the world of entrepreneurship. They have created an entrepreneurial path in almost every field and industry. From beauty, fashion, health, and digital marketing, just name it, some women thrive by building business empires in these areas.

Here are 14 businesses founded by passion-driven women entrepreneurs (“Queens”) who are champions in what they do:



UNLTD female yoga pose

Do you want to be that alchemist of Your biology, and become the Boss in your life?

We are happy to feature UNLTD (“Unlimited”) on Biz on Spotlight.

It is the first and only Biohacking Center in the Philippines.

Its mission is to help You know You are unlimited. It is owned by Queen Eli Abela, the countries’ first Human Potential coach.

Through biohacking, we can catapult our lives in ways that would bring us to a whole new level of possibilities. Queen Eli encourages us to use the wisdom of our biology, by perfecting the very art of BE-ing in our own “YOU-niverse.”

In this light, no one else can tell us what’s best for our biology, but only us.

Yssential PH beauty


Want to REJUVENATE your skin and EARN while maintaining your best-looking skin all year round?

You can be one of those women who are wowed and made happy by Yssential PH beauty, cosmetic, and personal care.

Yssentials PH aims to empower and help Filipinos across the globe. It inspires beauty and transforms lives through supporting and promoting Yssentials Products. It offers free and exclusive training to all Yssentialspreneur. Remember not everyone who started small remains small.

Yssentials PH is owned by Queen Ysa Nuñezca Singson, a founding member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle. Remember that HiFi is about helping female entrepreneurs grow their business profitably without tiring themselves out…

Slick and Clean – Professional Cleaning


This business started during the pandemic because the owner found a wonderful opportunity to improve the standard of living in the city. It is a substantial platform for them to provide a service that can keep up but never outpace a mother’s touch.

And it is owned by no other than Queen Aileen Ferrer, a founding member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle. It is their hope and mission to help overwhelmed moms (and dads!), all sorts of professionals, and people with high standards, to relieve them from the stress of ongoing upkeep, and keep their wellness intact through their services.

Slick N’ Clean is best for apartments, condos, lofts, and conventional residential homes. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a smart choice, we all know that. They only hire, train, and work with A-players and people with high standards. They believe that a clean and organized home is a safe and happy home.

Unwrapped – Flowers, Hampers, and Gifts


How do you make an occasion (or an ordinary day) extra special? How do you make a loved one feel so loved and special? How do you express gratitude to your friends and clients?

Well, consider sending them flowers and/or gifts!.

Unwrapped – Flowers, Hampers, and Gifts offers:
Hampers/Gift boxes
Floral Arrangements
Imported Chocolates
Stuffed Toys/Teddy Bears
Jewelry sets
HARANA Package (subject toapproval)

…and many more!

Unwrapped turns your gift ideas into reality and makes the most stunning gift arrangement for you. They customized gifts based on the interests/likes of your loved ones, friends, or clients. And they deliver around Quezon City, Metro Manila, and nearby areas. It is also owned by Queen Aileen Ferrer.

Heart Skin


Give the love your skin deserves. ❤

Heart Skin offers plant-based skincare products that can deliver great results with their all-natural active ingredients. It has several products in-store that are good for your body and deliver powerful benefits at very affordable prices. For those who have sensitive skin or anyone who is looking for mild skincare, their products are niche for you.

The woman behind Heart Skin is Queen Fayne Isberto, a founding member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle.


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Fashion in Full Circle…

SI’LO is a circular fashion collective looping together a community of individuals and businesses to connect, co-innovate, and collaborate towards a sustainable ecosystem.

SI’LO helps entrepreneurs launch their circular fashion business. They provide educational programs for startups, boot camps, and business development programs. They also provide marketing services to these businesses to help them grow their business.

Queen Shilah Yap, a founding member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle, is the COO and Co-founder of SI’LO.

Grow Your Business Pinoy


“Your Practical and Proven Roadmap on How You Can Make More Money Faster by Doing Less”

This book is written by Queen Myrna Tam Natividad also known as “Mommy N”, a member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle. She is envisioning that more small and micro-businesses will grow bigger – that is why she is sharing the roadmap to Pinoy business owners.

Visit her page on www.growyourbusiness.pinoy.com to buy the book or to get business ideas and tips.

Business Builders Society


Business Builders Society is an online membership program that will help you avoid investing in the wrong business by finding your unique business calling, your ideal customers, and testing your MVP.

It will help you save trial and error time, and avoid the costly business mistakes through the daily mentoring of a seasoned mentor. And, finally, start your business with your well-researched business plan that gets you the needed financing.

It is owned by Queen Myrna Tam Natividad or “Mommy N’, a member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle.

Visit her page on https://www.startyourownbusinesspinoy.com/

SkillUp Social


How can you build an Instagram Marketing business and charge the premium rates you deserve?

Ask Queen Thea Peralta, a member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle. She offers Instagram Marketing for Freelancers to help more Filipino freelancers become trusted Instagram strategists to live their ideal lifestyle.

Instagram Marketing for Freelancers is an online course that gives you the exact steps you need to make you stand out from the rest and attract your ideal clients. ❤

Visit https://www.skillupsocial.com for more info. 😊

After Freedom Co-Working Space


Why swing backward and keep on locking yourself up in your home when everything in life is ahead of you and spaces like After Freedom is making the best possible adjustments to accommodate your needs and your safety?

After Freedom is strategically located along Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, and it offers unlimited brewed coffee, 250Mbps Wi-Fi spacious work area, printing and scanning services, calm and cozy ambiance, and a safe environment.

They also provide space where you can do your #shoots, record your #livestreams, #podcasts, and #videos that are needed for your #business or #personal brand to thrive.

More than just a workspace, they also exist to connect, empower, widen your reach and connections, to achieve your goals. It is ideal for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and start-up businesses seeking to empower and grow together.

After Freedom is founded by Francesca Seachon Fugen, an awesome Queen of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle.

ValuePod Productions: Podcast Editing and Management Services


Valuepod is a leading Podcast Production company for B2B coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs. They help podcasters tell their brand story, roll out their brand voice from post-production to actual roll-out up to episode syndication and promotion.

They also have a ValuePod Podcast VA School which is a community designed to support podcast VAs, managers, podcasters, podcast producers who want to be in a community that can help them succeed in the podcasting niche.

Behind ValuePod are two amazing HiFi Queens, Eloisa Almonicido and Ce Mojica-Mercado.

Check out their FB page https://www.facebook.com/ValuePodProductions and website:

Valuepod Productions

Printyard Ink


You imagine, they create…

Co-owned by Queen Marie Jonna, a founding member of the Hifi Elite Membership Circle, Printyard Ink started by doing designs for boxes and logos, and advertisement of a motorcycle magazine. It expanded into doing print services mainly for t-shirts, polo shirts, sando, uniforms, and hoodies/jackets.

Printyard Ink has different types of print from rubberize to plastisol to water base, depending on the client’s need or whatever they prefer to have. It currently supports a clothing line outside the Philippines and has been continuously printing out shirts with all original designs.

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/Printyard

MAGS Closet PH

MAGS Closet PH sells an array of native products such as various types of modern and stylish bayong bags, canvas bags, comfy tees, boho terno, and sundry apparel. Let us patronize Filipino-made products! 🇵🇭🇵🇭

The designer and proprietress of MAGS Closet PH are no other than Queen Thea Pineda, a member of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle.

Visit them on:



They sell fashionable earrings and face masks. They help promote products like Abel Masks while helping the Abel Iloco Artisans Communities. What makes one of their masks unique is they are made of Traditional Abel Ti Abra Weaves of Binakol. Let us patronize Filipino-made products! 🇵🇭

The woman behind Pustura 7 is Queen Thea Pineda of the HiFi Elite Membership Circle.

Visit them on:


So there you have it, a list of the 14 passion-driven businesses of our Hifi Queens!

There are many great women entrepreneurs in the world, but what makes these businesses unique are the advocacies and stories behind them. This just shows the real values being shared by Hifi Queens in what they do.

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