TITLE: “Managing the Work Place with Hubby
GUEST: Leah Tinoco |“The Cryptocurrency Queen”


Leah Tinoco is the Co-Founder and COO of Museigen Training Academy, Inc. (under the Income Builders Empire brand), whose aim is to teach and educate people on how they can participate and profit from the growing cryptocurrency market. She is also an entrepreneur, a vlogger, painter, loving wife, and aspiring life coach focused on people empowerment.


Workplace relationships can get really messy. Leah Tinoco shares her secret of harmonious living with her husband as they grow and manage the business they founded together.


Leah was a job-hopper. She wasn’t able to finish her studies due to financial constraints. She gained experience by trying out different jobs such as in fast food chains, clothing, electronics production, call center and as an executive secretary.

 Q: Some women are hesitant to build a business with their husbands because of the possible conflicts. Before you started the company with your husband, how did you began?

A: We were childhood sweethearts who found each other again after 15 years. I reached out to Jonathan to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. Compared to stocks, it has higher volatility. We started operating in 2018, but we were already educating Filipinos since 2017. We held live seminars and courses and students are provided with modules. Right now, we have 5 staff employees and we are continuing to hire for more. We also have a maximum of 12 Financial Advisors.

Q: How does life look like for the co-founder and wife?

A: As a wife of a Founder, I’m a Co-Founder, I must love it and I have to embrace it. If my heart is not in it, we would’ve broken up already when we started the academy due to the adjustments and discoveries within yourself and how to be leader and how to train people.

Q: Can you tell us more about if there’s a girl approaching your husband, how do you handle that? Some wives are hesitant to work with the husband because of cases like that? How do you manage that?

A: I’m just open and don’t give negative meaning. As much as we can approach and help people, I just stay positive each time and spread awareness and we treat each other as business partners. Jonathan is the frontliner – I’m the wife who is an all-around supporter behind my husband.

Q: How do you separate life and work? Example an inevitable case where you have a conflict but you have to keep a facade – how do you manage that? How’s the adjustment?

A: Still learning – it’s a rollercoaster ride. We have different character and roles in the company. What’s important is role clarity – I have to stay in my lane. We also draw a line on personal issues and business issues. We always communicate because usually (the lack of communication becomes) a cause of misunderstanding. If something needs to clarified, we set each other aside and discuss quietly. We balance each other out.

Q: How do you do role clarity or remove your identity as a wife? How do you work that out?

A: It’s a day-to-day thing. Instead of creating a misunderstanding, I just try to be positive and be helpful. Wives are expected to baby their husbands. Like for example, they can’t find something, they must find comfort and feel that they’re loved and care for.

Q: Aside from being a co-founder and COO, you also do life coaching. Do you have advice to women who are having a hard time managing the work place and home (as they can’t separate their identity as a wife from a business partner)?

A: You must know your WHY. Your WHY should be clear so you can easily envision the path for your future. If you don’t know your why, you’ll just drift and walk blindly. You have to love what you do. Not all people agree with building a business with your husband. So if you have set a goal with your husband when you started your business, you have to stick with it. If you have your WHY, you will focus on doing that thing for the people who love you and believe in what you’re doing.

Q: How do you deviate from being a wife and be a business partner to your husband?

A: I try to balance love life and work life. His success is also my success. Helping him is helping myself and other myself. We have to be creative and keep the romantic side. If he’s so engrossed with the business side, as a wife, I can gently remind him that we can pause for a while and enjoy each other’s company. That’s a way to balance it. He pushes me to do different things to do, so that way I’ll have a story to tell him outside of our work. He encourages me to go out and give space to each other. If your husband tells you to you can do whatever you want I’m just because I trust you and support you on doing the things you love, when you hear that, it’s a signal that you can be

MORE. You are not just an ordinary housewife or business partner. He respects my opinions. He shows me respect even if I am wrong. When we have conflicts, he teaches and elaborates to me the meaning of acceptance, love and understanding. 


“We are a balance of masculine and feminine energy – or yin and yang.”

“Respect. Communicate. Give space. Balance work and love life. Always give time to each other and always have an interest to listen how his day went. Just be a good listener so you can be a good leader.”

“There are no stupid questions. The only stupid questions are the questions that you didn’t ask. It’s better to ask question than to assume things. So we always practice communication.”



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