Eli Abela: Trailblazing Self-Healing and Biohacking in the Philippines

Eli Abela: Trailblazing Self-Healing and Biohacking in the Philippines

All you need to heal is naturally in YOU…

Traditionally, when people get sick, they respond by popping pills to alleviate their pain. When they can’t tolerate the situation, they see a doctor. However, Eli Abela, the first Certified Bulletproof Human Potential and Vitality Coach in the Philippines advocates for self-healing. She believes in man’s capacity to manipulate their brains and body outside the realms of traditional medicine. It is only then that they can get to the root of the problem and keep illness at bay.

Elis is a biohacker who teaches the art and science of self-healing. By changing the environment around them and within themselves, people have full control of their own biology. She transforms bodies, making them feel more energized, revitalized, and productive. Hacking is not just a cybercrime! Humans can hack their bodies, too.

She shares, “Biohacking is a unique process that calls for decisive lifestyle changes. I coach people with nonconventional holistic mind and body techniques. If you incorporate these new practices, your body can heal itself and function optimally.”


Finding the Fountain of Youth

As a biohacker, Eli helps people exceed limits to unleash their full potential with their newfound vitality and agelessness. Her primary goal is to help everyone maximize their physical and cognitive performance. With so many advocating for holistic wellness, the concept of healthy longevity is not far-fetched. Now, people are no longer aging, like they used to. With self-healing, people are expected to reach higher life expectancy without compromising their quality of life.

Eli shares that she found the secret to staying (almost) forever young with biohacking. Today, she is 48 years old but with a biological age of only 29. She feels so much better than she did in her 20s and 30s. She narrates, “I have 3 autoimmune diseases. I struggled with childhood asthma and suffered from allergic rhinitis in my 20s and 30s. Later on, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. But when I took charge of my own biology, I succeeded in reversing my age. Now, my hormones are balanced, and I am not plagued by hot flashes or mood swings even if I am hitting menopause.”


Going Back to Where It Started

Eli’s journey with biohacking started with a certificate course at the Bullet Proof Institute headed by Dave Asprey in 2016. His process is not a get-healthy-quick scheme. Instead, it involves practical methods that challenged the participants to understand their own biology. By learning how to play a role in her own health journey without traditional medical intervention, Eli learned approaches that allowed her to harness her self-healing powers.


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