Hiring for Success: Recruitment and Branding Practices

Hiring for Success: Recruitment and Branding Practices

At our first Business Learning Intensive Session in January this year, we invited Ms. Lorenz Aimiee Mutia, Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), and Employer Branding Professional, to shed light on the considerations in hiring the right way and building your employer brand. 


She shared the following perspectives. 


Q1: How do you hire the right way?

Make sure your hiring goals are clear. Knowing what you need and when and where you can find the right rockstar is paramount. Investing in people takes a significant amount of time, effort, and money to train, onboard, and retain them.

However, you need to check first if there is someone in your team with the skills you need. One common mistake of many companies is to keep on hiring for skills that should have been developed internally. 

There must also be a specific timeline.  There is this notion that business owners felt the need to find the best candidate for the position (i.e., your best rock star), but they don’t get to realize that it takes a while. It takes six months for some companies to fill in certain positions. As a business owner or manager, you need to determine where and when do you find your rock star.

Another key factor in hiring the successful rock star is to do research so that money, time, and effort are not wasted on candidates who will join you but later on either leave you or not perform well in the job. 


Q2: How do you select the right person? 

Ideally, there are layers in the hiring process depending on the size of your team or company. It would be better if you have a consultant hiring for you. There are also assessments done like personality or logic assessments, among others. There are also certain exams for a specific skill set.  

If you decide to move the interview forward, ideally there must be an additional layer before you make the final call. It can be the head of the operations, supervisor, or someone who oversees the entire team when you are out.  It is best to collaborate with your team in understanding what you are looking for in a candidate. Otherwise, you might spend a lot of time doing interviews but not going anywhere. The recruiter’s job is to collaborate and calibrate with the hiring managers and upper management.


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