Reinventing the concept of “Gift giving”

Reinventing the concept of “Gift giving”


Unwrapped – Flowers, Hampers and Gifts (Unwrapped) came from a humble beginning…

This humble company is composed of 3 ladies whose objective is to be self-sufficient while paving their way into a future of comfort and self fulfillment. They have always been fond of the idea of gift giving

Before even creating an enterprise out of that idea, these ladies have always wanted to make sure everyone is happy and appreciated. It is kismet why this type of business drew them in the first place. They are not solely driven to generate profit out of this, this is a company who truly aims to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Before starting this company, these lady owners had their own 9-5 jobs, but despite it covering the bills and providing food for the table, they have a mutual sentiment that it’s not something that they would like to be doing for the rest of their lives. They realized that being bound on a desk in a cubicle is like putting blinders on their dreams and aspirations. 

So when Aileen pitched in an idea to Pau to set up a flowers and gift shop, they immediately worked out a plan on how to set it up. After that, Pau encouraged her sister to join the business because she believed her sister is holding on to a job where she’d be drudging away hours that could have been allotted for something that is more fulfilling. Their outlook on this idea fueled their endeavor to create beauty with each gift curated and each flower arranged.

Of course, what is one more flower/gift shop in a market filled with it already.

For starters, on a surface level, you might think they are just your typical “buy something then go,” but they are more than that. For such a modest company, they are capable of reinventing the concept of “gift giving” based on the multiple clients that they cater, and of many diverse sizes, this company has amassed torrents of positive reviews from first time customers to regular customers.

They are not your run-of-the-mill shop to get generic gifts. The moment you wade in your inquiries to them, they got you covered all throughout from helping you with your inquiries, up to the day of the delivery. With sterling customer service, they aim to not only to build relationships with the customers but also maintain them. Maintain a familiarity that no other customer service of any shop can provide.

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